Bad Bunny performed a concert on the back of a truck this Sunday as a part of Uforia’s monthly music series. The truck slowly drove through the Bronx, Washington Heights and Harlem, and fans were able to watch through the Uforia app and a now-private YouTube livestream.

“It was difficult for me to do a concert without an audience. I didn’t want to,” Bad Bunny said. “But I’m accepting the new reality and I hope people enjoy this. We need it.”

Nonetheless, he did end up attracting quite a crowd – fans quickly found truck and surrounded it to sing with him.

To viewers’ amusement, he also (almost literally) ran into a few obstacles, including traffic lights, bridges, and low hanging tree branches.

In a gesture of appreciation for front-line workers, Bad Bunny ended the concert in front of Harlem Hospital.

“Respect and thanks to those people who have sacrificed their lives in this city,” he said to the crowd. “With a lot of faith in God, I sense that good things are coming. I know we are going through very difficult times. I have made thousands of mistakes, but my only mission is to try to be a better person every day.”

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