On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne venture out for the junk yard gang, who will only agree to work with them if they find them a lot of guns.


Without much luck as of yet, the pair become closer and make love a few times before coming across a deer. Rick tries to kill it for meat, but it escapes. They stumble upon a camp of soldier walkers at a school complete with a carnival. And thankfully, the soldiers still have their guns. After a bit of target practice from atop a roof, and after the roof collapses underneath them, Michonne and Rick feel ready for the attack.

They spend the night eating unopened military meals of mac n’ cheese and chili, and discussing the future. Michonne thinks Rick would make a great leader to reorder the world, but Rick says, somewhat romantically, that he thinks it should be the two of them together.

The next day they take on the walkers. “You can handle it,” Rick tells Michonne when they agree to split up. They try to plug a chainlink fence with a car, but overshoot it, letting hordes of walkers attack. Michonne takes aim from atop a slide, and Rick from the Ferris wheel. While there, Rick sees that deer. Just then, the Ferris wheel gives out, and Rick falls. Walkers attack and we (and Michonne) hear the click of an empty ammo jacket.

Michonne (and maybe just a few viewers) are convinced that Rick is a goner, until he pops up and throws Michonne her dropped sword. The walkers were feasting on the deer, not on Rick. The duo massacre the rest of the walkers and collect their guns, 68 in all. Michonne is clearly shaken up after the incident, despite their victory. The couple speak about what they have lost, and Rick opens up that he still misses Glenn. “I can’t lose you,” Michonne tells him. Rick consoles her, and reminds her that at this point, “us” doesn’t matter, only the future.

Rick delivers the guns to Jadis at the junk yard, but is told they haven’t gotten enough. In a compromise, they agree to allow Rick’s team to carry some of the guns with them to protect themselves while they continue to search.

The side plot in this episode involves Tara and Rosita. Tara tells Rick about the isolated community of women she found earlier in the season. The Saviors killed the men in the community, and then women have been living together ever since, protecting themselves by keeping hidden away and not allowing visitors. Meanwhile, Rosita is missing. She missed her guard shift.

She ran away to the Hilltop and finds Sasha at Abraham’s grave. The pair decide to take down Neegan on their own, with a sniper rifle. They agree that if they go ahead with this plan, they probably won’t make it out alive.

See scenes from next weeks episode below.

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