Koryn Hawthorne, Kimberly Nichole and India Carney took major risks hoping to make it another week, and the Top 6 performed special songs for Mother’s Day on The Voice.

The Voice Top 6 Perform

Each contestant got to perform twice this week, once in honor of the mothers in their lives for Mother’s Day, as coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine looked on with pride.

India Carney (Team Christina)


In honor of her mother, India Carney chose to tackle the Oscar-winning song, “Glory.” John Legend and Common are a tough act to follow, especially given India’s somewhat risky choice to sing Common’s rap verses, which required a few arrangement challenges. India seamlessly transformed the rap lyrics into an uplifting ballad. She also seemed to loosen up a bit onstage and truly embrace the emotion of the song. The crowd, including her adoring mother, loved it. Pharrell told India that he really hoped Babyface was watching so that he could write a song for her. Adam agreed that India was coming into her own at just the right time in the competition. Blake, who for reasons unknown to us all had never before heard “Glory,” complimented her by saying he couldn’t imagine any of her song being rapped.

“Lay Me Down”

For her second song, hoping to avoid landing in the bottom for a second week in a row, India took on Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” The emotional performance showed off her range, allowed her to show off her technical proficiency and earned her a standing ovation from the audience and judges. Adam called it her best performance to date, and Christina gushed over her bravery to really go for it this week. “You killed it,” Christina said.

Kimberly Nichole (Team Christina)

“Free Fallin’”

Kimberly dedicated “Free Fallin’” to her mother, who went into total fangirl mode when she met Christina Aguilera in rehearsals. Kimberly toned down the dramatics for this fun performance, choosing instead to jam with a band as opposed to a grand production, yelling out, “I love you mommy!” at the end of her performance. Adam loved Kimberly’s out of the box song choice, and Christina told Kimberly she did her mother proud.

“Dirty Diana”

Kimberly wanted to go wild for her second performance, going with Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” Kimberly certainly pushed the boundaries with this performance, clad in an amazing long-sleeved dress with a crazy flared skirt and knee-high lace-up boots, grinding to the beat. Her hot performance earned a standing ovation from the judges, who were all in awe. “It’s very clear that this is what you’re destined to do,” Pharrell gushed. “Every time you come out here, I know that it’s going to be electrifying and I know that this audience is going to be taken to another planet… You are truly a rock star up there, you embody that, you are a true superstar,” Christina said.

Joshua Davis (Team Adam)


Joshua Davis decided to take a bit of a leap this week, taking on U2’s “Desire.” It’s a bit different from his usual fare, much more upbeat and fun. As Pharrell said, “It was good to see you doing something tempo.” And, it was quite refreshing.

“In My Life”

For Mother’s Day, Joshua decided to perform The Beatles’ “In My Life” in honor of his wife and mother of his children – “She’s the most important thing I have,” Joshua said in rehearsals. The acoustic performance fit Joshua’s soulful tone perfectly, and Adam called it “absolutely mesmerizing.”

Koryn Hawthorne

“Everybody Hurts”

Koryn Hawthorne dedicated REM’s “Everybody Hurts” to her mother, who cried in rehearsals. She wanted to honor her mother’s struggles and resilience, and her mother watched with pride in the audience. “Every time I watch you sing, I’m just so humbled that you [are on] my team… You really do deserve the term ‘inspirational singer,’” Pharrell told her.

“Dream On”

Koryn majorly mixed it up for her second performance, singing Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” Koryn completely went for it on the rock hit. “After a performance like that, who in here is inspired to dream harder?” Pharrell asked the audience. “Honestly, you do it every time,” he added. The crowd agreed, cheering the 17-year-old singer.

Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell)

“Shine On”

Sawyer Fredericks dedicated “Shine On” to his mother and to his childhood. The song is meaningful to his mother, who played the song for Sawyer when he was a kid. Sawyer’s performance was sweet and steady, and had his mother in tears at the end. “That was one of my favorite performances of the night…I couldn’t ask for anything more from anybody else on this show,” Adam said.

“Take Me To The River”

Sawyer’s second song was “Take Me To The River.” In rehearsals, he made the bold choice to step out from behind his guitar for the performance. For some reason, Sawyer performed surrounded by a group of odd go-go dancers, but he did seem much more comfortable without his guitar than his last attempt. Pharrell complimented Sawyer for working the stage, getting a particularly shrill cry from the girls in the audience.

Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)

“Steamroller Blues”

Team Blake’s last contestant, Meghan Linsey started with “Steamroller Blues.” In rehearsals, Blake cautioned Meghan to be careful she remains on pitch, but she pulled it out perfectly, with her usual wailing flair. It wasn’t her best, but it was not her worst. “All this time, she was talking about wanting to sing soul music coming from Nashville, and that really intrigued me,” Pharrell said, complimenting his former contestant. Blake, as always, was on a high after Meghan’s performance, saying, “You sang the crap out of it.” Pharrell and Blake called on “everybody in Nashville” to vote for Meghan, and it’s likely that, with Corey Kent White gone after last week, she’ll get that country vote and more.

“Amazing Grace”

Finally, Meghan closed out the show with a semi-a cappella “Amazing Grace,” accompanied only for the second half. “Did Blake just win this whole thing again?” Christina said, jokingly after the performance. Blake added that “the whole world stopped to listen” to Meghan’s emotional performance.

We’ll find out who made it into The Voice finals on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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