Pharrell Williams used his last STEAL to save Jacob Rummell from eliminations on the last installment of the Battle Rounds of The Voice.


Jeremy Gaynor vs. Rob Taylor

Christina Aguilera’s last battle was between Jeremy Gaynor, the lead singer of the West Point band, and Rob Taylor, a soulful and charming singer. Christina gave the last two guys on her team – both blind audition stand outs – Maroon 5’s “Animals,” a surprising song choice. Christina said she wanted to give the power-house, soulful singers a pop rock song and see what they could do with it to make it their own. In rehearsals, Jeremy was impressed with Rob’s insane range, but both singers struggled to make it their own and Nick Jonas and Christina advised them to let loose and “take it to Church.”

It was a tough battle, as both Jeremy and Rob were both engaging performers and managed to deliver on the high notes. The coaches all love Jeremy’s grace, and there’s no denying he has the vocal ability, but Rob’s range was just too good to resist.

Winner: Rob

Battle Montage:

Team Christina: Koryn Hawthorne beat out Vance Smith
Team Blake: Brooke Adee beat Bay Brooks
Team Adam: Lexi Dávila won against Bren’nae DeBarge


Noelle Bybee vs. Sawyer Fredericks

Pharrell Williams paired young singers Noelle Bybee and Sawyer Fredericks with “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” In rehearsals, both Noelle and Sawyer struggled to match up their voices. Noelle’s soft, bluesy voice was too soft, and Sawyer’s strong, raw tone was a bit overpowering. Pharrell and advisor Lionel Richie helped Noelle gain more confidence in her performance, and the duo pulled through for the performance. Noelle’s twang had Blake gushing over her voice, but everyone agreed that Sawyer had something special about his voice that can’t be taught.

Winner: Sawyer


Corey Kent White vs. Jacob Rummell

Blake Shelton paired Country boy Corey Kent White and pop singer Jacob Rummell with country/pop song “I Want Crazy.” Corey struggled with his breath during rehearsals and Jacob had problems pushing his range. Meghan Trainor fell in love with Corey, encouraging him to move around the stage and engage the audience. Both Corey and Jacob are so young, and nerves were definitely a factor in the rehearsal room, but on stage, the two were dancing around and singing their hearts out.

The audience was up on their feet and still clapping up a storm when Adam turned to Pharrell, the only coach left with a STEAL, and said, “You gotta take one of them for sure.” Christina complimented Jacob’s dynamic, positive presence, but thought that Corey’s country style might be a bit more up Blake’s alley, something Pharrell agreed to. Adam, however, gave the battle to Jacob, citing his ability to move through genres. It was a tough choice for Blake, but in the end, he went with his country gut. But, as soon as Corey was off the stage and Carson Daly announced Jacob available to steal, Pharrell pushed his button, saving Jacob from elimination!

Winner: Corey
Jacob: Team Pharrell

The Voice Knockout rounds begin Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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