Vittorio Missoni, the commercial and marketing director of his family's fashion line Missoni, is missing after his plane disappeared off the coast of Venezuela Friday morning.

The plane carrying Missoni, 58, never arrived at its destination in Maiquetia after going off the charts only ten miles into the flight. He was traveling with his wife, Maurizia Castigligioni, and two Italian friends. Two crewmembers of the twin engine Britten Norman BN2 Islander are also missing. Despite efforts by rescue crews, the plane and passengers have yet to be discovered.

Los Roques, the archipelago of Islands where Missoni was vacationing, is known for attracting high-end clientele. However, it is also unfortunately known for the air traffic tragedies that have plagued outgoing planes.

In 2008, a plane also disappeared after leaving Los Roques, with no passengers and no debris turning up besides the plane’s pilot. In 2009, although all passengers were rescued, an aircraft leaving the archipelago crashed into the sea.

Missoni co-owns the fashion company with his siblings, Luca and Angela, who took over for their parents in the 90s. The brand is known for its liberal use of color and patterns.

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