Pizza has long been a dietary staple of New Yorkers, but what do you do when you just can’t get enough? Simple: Go to Vinnie’s for a slice of their pizza on pizza pie.

“Cheeseception”: Pizza On Pizza

Located on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the local institution has been in the national spotlight this week after debuting a pizza topped with, you guessed it, more pizza.

“It’s the perfect mix between crazy ideas and good pizza,” said one satisfied customer outside of the Bedford Avenue location late Saturday night. Bedford Avenue runs through the heart of Williamsburg and is a common thoroughfare for late night bar goers to search out food on.

Owner Sean Berthiaume estimated on Jimmy Kimmel Live that the restaurant had sold over 1,000 pies of the cheese pizza topped cheese pizza, called the “Cheeseception,” since its birth two weeks ago. Each single slice goes for $4 while a whole pie costs a steep $25.


“It was kind of meant for my own amusement,” Berthiaume said. “I was just fooling around at work, just trying something. It feels good that it actually paid off.”

“It’s a really fun place to work, we’re all about the puns and the wacky slices,” said Jay Brown, manager of the Greenpoint location (253 Nassau Ave.).

The puns Brown is referring to is another running gag for those in the know – Berthiaume is a comic book artist and has taken it upon himself to create unique menu boards for the daily specials, often creating 4-5 different white board drawings for the constantly rotating daily specials.


Past specials include: Memorial Day’s “Parmed Forces,” “Chedward Scissorhands” and the “Andy Warholapeno.”

“It’s a fun place to work, we’re kind of like a little pizza family,” said Brown.

Vinnie’s does more than just pizza however; decorated with vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters and the “bATMan,” the hole in the wall of 148 Bedford Avenue offers a full Italian menu of pasta and salads in addition to their zanier pizza creations like the “Mac Attack.”

Vinnie’s also offers vegan and gluten free pizza. “No one should be excluded from pizza,” explains Brown.

If you can’t make it into one of the storefronts, you can always order Vinnie’s online at, or or by phone at (718) 389-2600 for the Greenpoint location and (718) 782-7078 for the Williamsburg location.



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