Wait, people don’t find Jersey Shore’s The Situation funny? Looks like we have a situation on our hands.

For reasons unbeknownst to most, the reality star was on hand at Comedy Central’s Roast of billionaire Donald Trump, and given the tasks of providing humorous digs at the famously coifed businessman. He did neither. In typical Jersey Shore fashion, The Situation kept his sunglasses on during his five minute segment, targeting audience members Larry King and Lisa Lampanelli in addition to “[his] man” Trump and his wife Melania. Cracks about sleeping with models failed to impress, as his painful monologue was first met with silence, and later, a round of boos from the audience.

Comedian Jeffrey Ross came to The Situation’s rescue before Snoop Dogg and Ice-T started throwing fruit, but the damage had already been done. Perhaps this will teach Sitch and Comedy Central's producers that some things need to stay in Jersey. —EMILY EXTON

Watch The Situation's awkward exchange with Jeffrey Ross below:

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