The 54th Annual Grammy Awards has been noted for its abundance of performances — the oldies, the goodies, and occasionally both. One of the more sensational moments of the night was a rendition of "Good Vibrations" by all original surviving members of The Beach Boys, who jammed together on stage for the first time in two decades.

Brian Wilson, 69, took his usual seat at the keyboard, while Al Jardine, 69, strummed his guitar and Mike Love, 70, sang lead vocals. More recent Beach Boys members David Marks and Bruce Johnston later joined in on the classic tune.

The melody became even more — ahem … complex — with the addition of Maroon 5 and Foster the People, who had also performed tribute Beach Boys songs earlier in the evening. "We grew up listening to their music since we were little kids," Mark Foster told MTV News. "I probably wouldn't be in music today if it wasn't for them …. So to see them all in the same room together, and then playing with them, it's wild. It's a dream come true," the Foster the People frontman said.

And that's not all. The iconic band is about to embark on a reunion tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It will kick off at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in April.

Watch the performance here:

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