The American Idol contestants were asked to channel their inner Rocket Man, by tackling the memorable catalogue of Sir Elton John on Wednesday. While many performances impressed both the judges and the audience, the night belonged to 20-year-old Hayley Reinhart, whose bluesy rendition of “Benny and the Jets” closed the show and managed to get the biggest roar from the crowd. Perched atop the piano, the Illinois native gave a sultry performance of John's classic, growling the lyrics while showing her terrific range. And afterwards, the judges let her know she had just had an Idol moment to remember. “That was it, Haley! That was it, Haley! That's what we've been talking about," screamed Jennifer Lopez. "Best performance of the night, right there!" added Randy Jackson. But it was Steven Tyler who had the most memorable, albeit slightly awkward, comment of the night. "You sing sexy," he purred.

Other highlights included Paul McDonald's restrained performance of "Rocket Man," and Pia Toscano's booming "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." But unfortunately, no one is truly safe. After last week's surprise judges' save of Casey Abrams, two contestants will be sent packing on Thursday night. —EMILY EXTON

Watch Hayley Reinhart’s performance below:

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