St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be a holiday without some celebratory food and drink. For those of us who aren't used to traditional Irish fare, Dennis Leary has taken the time to lecture about the history of the classic and iconic dish, Shepherd's Pie.

In the video "Great Moments in Irish History with Dennis Leary” for Funny or Die, the comedian regales us with the invention of the dish in 1475 and it's actual ingredients—testicles. But before you think twice about your eventual dinner order this evening, Leary urges you to understand where his Irish relatives were coming from when they decided on such a concoction. “In Ireland we didn’t have a lot of money for a long time so you had to eat all the other stuff. You gotta eat the balls!” he explained. Yet, he admits the name change was necessary. “Who wants ball pie? Anybody want ball pie? Testicle Pie? No you can’t do it."

Watch "Great Moments in Irish History with Dennis Leary" below:

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