Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was welcomed enthusiastically by the Tonight Show audience Tuesday evening in an interview that ranged from her opinionated nature to a future media career.

Of course, no Palin interview is complete without Family Guy bashing and "you betcha" self-deprecation. The newly minted Fox News commentator mocked herself by introducing the show with the talking points written on her palm. Palin’s "poor man’s teleprompter" was a playful jab at herself after being caught with notes on her hand during a speech at last month’s Tea Party Convention.

Palin gleefully mocked the differences between Alaska and Los Angeles. “Alaska [is] so different from Los Angeles," she deadpanned. "Here when people have a frozen look on their face, I find out it’s Botox." And what about not landing that Vice Presidential gig? “I would not know what to do with all that free time,” she quipped. –AHMED MORI

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