Attention: werewolves are the new vampires. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has returned to supernatural romance with Red Riding Hood, a spooky love story between a village girl and a werewolf.

The movie stars Amanda Seyfried as the titular character in re-imagining of the classic fairy tale, reset in a medieval village plagued by animal attacks. Her love interest is the mysterious Shiloh Fernandez, who may or may not be turning into a wolf (the outcome here is fairly obvious).

"Catherine Hardwicke has just completely turned this story into something edgy and gothic and dark," Seyfried told MTV. "Catherine just completely throws it into this dark world, and it's a little scarier than it was meant to be when it was written. We had this freedom to go far with it, so whatever preconceptions the audience has, they should throw it out the door." So, don't think of it as medieval Twilight. –AMY LEE

Watch the trailer below:

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