November is the month we set our clocks back, start to crank up our heat and, for a growing number of men, put down our razors. That’s because November has become “Movember" (a word that is a portmanteau of "mo" for moustache and "November"), as in the Movember Foundation, which was started in 2003 by 30 men in Melbourne, Australia. The Movember founders put off shaving for 30 days and grew out their moustaches to raise awareness about prostate cancer and depression in men. Last year, over 854,000 people registered online to participate in the Movember movement, raising $126 million.

Proceeds from the movement are donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation as well as the Livestrong Foundation, the creation of Lance Armstrong, the celebrity cyclist who recently stepped down and renounced his Tour de France titles amid doping scandals.

There are celebrities who are not quite so controversial on board, too, such as Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman (who plays the deadpan Ron Swanson), who is almost as popular for his impressive moustache as his fictional alter ego would want him to be. Offerman has become a spokesperson for this year's Movember cause, putting out a video talking about the pride and joy of his facial hair in a typically Swanson-esque manner. "A few of you may know me as Ron Swanson from NBC's Parks and Recreation," Offerman suggests in the video. "But let's be honest — most of you know me for this," he says, lovingly stroking his 'stache. "And this Movember, I'm here to instruct you on how to properly grow your very own."

Movember sponsors galas and events throughout the country all month to raise money and celebrate their accomplishments. Events are already starting in the Los Angeles and New York City areas. The Art of Shaving store in Beverly Hills held an event to shave men's moustaches in preparation for Movember, and the Spare Room on Hollywood Boulevard is hosting a free benefit concert every Thursday this month. Since its inception, the Movember Foundation has raised $300 million worldwide.

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Watch the funny Nick Offerman video here for the cause Movember:

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