Runway model Lindsey Wixson, 17, didn't exactly have catlike reflexes as she strutted the catwalk at Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief charity fundraiser at Cannes on Monday.

The wobbly Wixson, who was decked out in a voluminous golden gown, fell three times on her return backstage. She was a good sport about the first fall, flashing a broad grin and a quick thumbs-up to the crowd after regaining her footing. The second tumble lasted a little longer, and the third found Wixson having trouble getting up altogether.

Campell, Jane Fonda, and Rosario Dawson also hit the runway at the event, though their relative surefootedness saw them upstaged. The proceeds from Campbell's fundraiser will go to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of the March earthquake.

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