If you ever doubted the dangers of race car driving, here's some proof to set you straight. NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya, 35, crashed his car into a jet dryer safety truck at Monday's Daytona 500 race in what is being called a freak accident.

The truck contained hundreds of gallons of jet fuel, and the crash released an enormous fireball onto the track. Though his Target-sponsored car was annihilated, Montoya himself was practically uninjured, complaining afterwards of only a hurt foot where it slipped off the clutch during the accident, according to Autoweek.

About 40 laps before the Daytona finish, Montoya "felt a vibration" in his car. "They looked at everything and everything was okay and I still told them, 'I think there is something broke. I was coming back into the pits and the car just spun by itself," he said of the crash.

Though both Montoya and the driver of the jet dryer truck were okay, the explosion was massive. "Yeah, it burned the helmet and everything," Montoya said. "Before I got there I was thinking, 'This thing is going to be on fire pretty bad,' and it was."

Watch the incident here:

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