Last night on American Idol, Jacob Lusk was officially voted off the hit Fox music competition. The 23-year-old from Compton, Calif., sang Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s “No Air” as well as The Everly Brothers’ “Love Hurts” during the “Songs from Now and Then”-themed episode. As his final performance, Lusk chose “A Houe is Not a Home,” originally sung by Dionne Warwick.

The final four contestants on Idol are Lauren Alaina, 16; James Durbin, 22; Scotty McCreery, 17; and Haley Reinhart, 20.

The results episode also featured chef/TV personality Gordon Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsey challenged the contestants to make him an omelet that he found appealing. Alaina won the competition, while the others struggled. The episode also featured a group rendition of The Eagles’ classic “Happy Together.” Also country music group Lady Antebellum performed with their new single “Just a Kiss.” Judge Jennifer Lopez, along with rapper Pitbull, did a pre-recorded performance of her smash hit “On the Floor.”

Watch it here:

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