BMX rider Hannah Roberts discussed becoming a role model and bringing freestyle BMX to the Olympics for the first time in her uInterview.

“I just try to have my best time on the bike and you know at the skate park,” Roberts, 19, said. “When we were out, obviously pre-COVID, when we were out at like local skate parks I would just try to help any kid or answer any message that I get on social media that, you know, people send me if they’re really inspired or want any advice or anything. But, I just try to be the best role model on and off my bike so people have something positive to look up to.”

BMX freestyle is set to make its Olympic debut at the Tokyo games this year.

“Honestly just to be able to represent my sport at the highest level possible is incredible,” Roberts said. “It’s been a long journey it’s been — I’ve been riding for 11 years — so, you know, just the fact that everything that I, you know, worked for as a kid and still pushed myself to do today, like the fact that I can show that worldwide and, you know, make my country, my family, and you know everybody around me proud, like that’s — it’s just an indescribable feeling.”

The BMX freestyle seeding is scheduled for Friday, July 30 at 9:10 p.m. EST and the finals will be held on Saturday, July 31 at 9:10 p.m. EST.


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