In the film Problemista, Tilda Swinton played the eccentric art critic who drags the immigrant toy designer Alejandro, played by writer and director Julio Torres, around to archive and catalog her late husband’s artwork, played by RZA.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Larry Owens recalled his favorite moment from shooting the movie.


“Reading the script was the biggest moment because that’s where your imagination goes wild and that’s where the story begins,” he said. “It’s about, like, people who use their imagination and there’s going to be a lot of the audience members who, like, need to hear this story, but they’re hearing it from the best place.”

Owens also revealed what it was like working with Swinton.

“Oh my gosh, I mean so our roles didn’t intersect the way that acting works,” he began. “I’m a theater person so like, I’m used to being with the cast, you know, in the theater but meeting her in Austin- that’s a good thing about South By [Southwest] is that like, we met here and like I got the biggest hug from Tilda Swinton and she’s the warmest person.”

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