Ed Westwick and Louise Linton revealed the key to their romantic chemistry in Me, You, Madness in their new uInterview.

“I just really wanted Ed for the role, he was my dream pick,” Linton said, “because [my character] Catherine is a bit of an intimidating gal, and I thought I’m gonna have to find someone who has that sort of not just the incredibly good looks like you know, we know Ed over here is a dreamboat, but anyway I wanted someone who was formidable and strong and has an inner strength and I was like ‘Oh my God, if we could get Ed Westwick for this!'”

The pair agreed that they “hit it off” from the moment they met.

“We really hit it off, super chill, just like had a bunch of laughs,” said Westwick. “I think we both share a passion for film, obviously, and like when anyone is that excited about something you know, it’s contagious, you know. And I saw Louise had faith in me and she wanted to gift me that part and had trust in me, and when somebody has that for you it’s wonderful, you know, you feel free. You feel like you want to go on this adventure and all of that.”

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