Anne Hathaway shared some insights about her role in the upcoming film Eileen, based on the novel by Otessa Moshfegh. The story follows a troubled and obsessive young woman who goes down a sinister path when she meets a new counselor, Rebecca, at the boy’s prison where she works.

The titular role of Eileen is played by Thomasin McKenzie and Hathaway costars as Rebecca. Hathaway spoke at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah where the film premiered on Saturday.


“I thought that she was someone who understood the value of performance,” she said on the red carpet. “And someone who understood the effect that glamor can have, and she decided to weaponize both of those things to get what she wants in a world that doesn’t want her to have the things that she desires. And in a world that wants her to be an object of desire but isn’t necessarily interested in what she wants, who she is or what she can do.”

Hathaway continued to discuss the logistics of shooting the film in sequential order.

“It’s always welcome but it’s never required,” she said. “You have to be adaptable.”

She recalled a time when she got sick during filming and a section of the film had to be shot five weeks before they were supposed to.

“As an actor you’ve gotta be ready to go, and if you get to shoot it sequentially, it’s just a gift. But all that work should be done anyway.”

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