Curious about why Oprah Winfrey hated David Letterman for so long? Though the two have since reconciled, the official reason for the bad blood was never revealed, though some speculated it had to do with Letterman's joke at the 1995 Academy Awards where he riffed on Oprah's name with Uma Thurman's.

Letterman has finally come forward to discuss the origins of the feud, while talking on his show with guest Jon Stewart. Apparently dating all the way back to 1989, Letterman recalled going to a restaurant with then-girlfriend Regina Lasko, and running into Oprah and her partner Steadman Graham dining at the same place. "This is hilarious," he then told Lasko. "I'm going to make Oprah buy us lunch." The late night host then called over a waiter to say, "'Oh, this woman right over there has been kind enough to take care of our check.'"

The couple left the restaurant, waving to Oprah, who waved back, convincing the waiter that Letterman had told the truth. "That's where it started," Letterman said, as Stewart laughed. –AMY LEE

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