It's becoming increasingly likely that no number of perfect 10s will let Jennifer Grey defeat the consistently bad Bristol Palin on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Palin finished last in scoring, albeit with a personal best, though only viewer's votes will determine if she manages to outlast her more talented competitors yet again. Grey, meanwhile, continued her stellar streak of impeccable footwork, with a perfect 30 for both rounds. Brandy also turned in a strong performance, with Disney star Kyle Massey close behind.

The show seems somewhat conscious of the political aspect of Palin's success. Mark Ballas, Palin's partner, wondered if she's gotten where she is through the power of the Tea Party. "I think I'm definitely relatable to the audience out there — and untouched, and raw. And vulnerable," she responded. –AMY LEE

Watch Bristol Palin waltz below:

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