While most were watching the series finale of Lost Sunday night, the seemingly indestructible Bret Michaels took home the win on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

While some may call Donald Trump’s decision a pity move due to Michaels’ brush with death last month, critics had painted Michaels as a dark horse before the Poison frontman’s brain aneurism. “People had their doubts,” Michaels admitted in last night’s episode.

In an emotional scene, Michaels’ nine-year-old daughter, Rain, made an appearance before he presented his 30 second Snapple commercial benefiting diabetes research, of which both Michaels and his daughter suffer from.

Rain also made a video appearance during Michaels’ Oprah interview last week in which she nearly brought the heavy rocker to tears. “The scariest part was just, like, thinking that my dad could die. All these memories were just flashing through my head,” Rain said. “To think that my dad wouldn’t be growing up with me and that my dad wouldn’t be walking be down the aisle at my wedding was really heart breaking.”

Peete gave an endearing speech for her cause in which she advocated for autism research. While her commercial proved adequate, it couldn’t stand up to Michaels’ which featured Darryl Strawberry in a beret asking for his pears.

After his hospitalization, Michaels has taken his new lease on life and turned it into a positive attitude. “As painful as this experience has been, I was given a second chance, right?” Michaels told People earlier this month. “I don’t want to sit around every night worrying this is going to happen again.” –ELENA COX

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