If technological advancement still hasn't convinced you that we're living in a futuristic world that's becoming more aligned with old-school sci-fi ficiton every day, this ought to do it for you. A transparent plane. This week the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, announced its production plans for a high-tech plane that "recognizes" its passengers and "harvests" their bodies' heat energy to "power the cabin." The aircraft of the future will replace the divisive idea of "classes" for the more utilitarian "zones," grouping passengers according to what they want to do while they travel — work, relax, or socialize.

Most notable, perhaps, will be the clear material that the plane itself is made of, which will allow passengers a panoramic view of the skies as they fly. No more craning to peer out a tiny window or booking early just to get a window seat. Customers would be able to see their surroundings in all directions, when they weren't opting instead for the "interactive zone," which would offer pop-up projections of any social scene they wanted surrounding them.

The transparent plane of the future is projected to be flying the friendly skies in about 40 years.

Watch the description here:

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