V. Stiviano, the former girlfriend of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling with whom he shared his racist views on African Americans, has been shielding her face with a visor as of late.

V. Stiviano Hides From The Spotlight

Stiviano shot into the national spotlight a couple of weeks ago when audio recordings of Sterling chastising her for posting a picture of herself with Magic Johnson on Instagram hit the Internet. After the leak of the inflammatory recording, Sterling was granted a lifetime ban from the NBA and will likely be removed from his ownership position by fellow franchise owners in the league. Stiviano, meanwhile, is now under scrutiny.

Stiviano has maintained through her lawyer that she was not the source of the recording leak, though she admits to making the recording. Apparently, in addition to her personal relationship with the wealthy octogenarian, she worked as his personal assistant, image consultant and archivist, which is why she made the recording, reported the New York Daily News. Stiviano’s lawyer has suggested that a former friend could have leaked the recording.

Stiviano Under Investigation

The L.A. County D.A.’s Bureau of Investigation is now investigating Stiviano for allegedly extorting Sterling, asking for money not to leak more audio recordings, reported TMZ. On Tuesday, investigators reportedly got in contact with Shelly Sterling to determine the legitimacy of the accusations.

Adding fuel to the accusation, Sterling remarked last week, “I wish I had just paid her off to DuJour magazine. Sterling also reportedly asked Stiviano, "How can we make this go away?" after Stiviano mentioned that she had more that 100 hours of recorded conversation with him that could cause him further damage.

Amidst the probe, Stiviano is apparently finalizing her adoption of two foster children – two boys aged 12 and 13, reported the News. "She's excited to care for them for the rest of her life. The process started three years ago," their source said. "She's going to make a great mom."

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