Uwe Boll, Rampage director, went on an anti-Hollywood rant on Sunday to lament his failed Kickstarter campaign for Rampage 3.

Uwe Boll Rant: “F–king Kill The Rich”

Boll, a German director who has over 30 director credits to his name, has been trying to raise money to fund an imagined Rampage 3 to complete his Rampage trilogy, the story of Bill Williamson, a man who decides to kill an entire town.

All of Boll’s attempts to fund Rampage 3 have failed. Boll’s Indiegogo campaign raised only $6,375 – 6% of its $100,000 goal – from 152 people in 2 months. That campaign ended on January 24, 2015. Despite the failure of his Indiegogo campaign, Boll pressed on, moving his crowdfunding over to Kickstarter.

The director is currently in the final days of his Kickstarter campaign for the same film. This campaign has raised a bit more money, but is still barely over halfway to its goal. Three hundred fifty-eight people donated to the campaign, with donations currently at $29,592. Even though Boll still has a few days to raise his goal of $55,794 (50,000 euros), it seems the volatile director is already throwing in the towel.

On Saturday, Boll posted two videos to his YouTube channel – appropriately named Uwe Boll Raw – in which he swore off crowdfunding and blasted Hollywood filmmakers and filmgoers alike. (WARNING: NSFW Language)

“Now Kickstarter failed to, and basically my message is, ‘f—k yourself,’” Boll said in the first video.

In his first rant, Boll voices frustrations with Kickstarter and the crowdfunding environment, alleging that companies approached him to promote his campaign in exchange for a percentage of the funds raised. “I will never do it in my life again. For me, crowdfunding is absolutely dead, goodbye,” he added.

Boll then took a jab at audiences who didn’t donate, and ignored fans that did, saying, “And it looks like nobody gives a s—t about Rampage 3, so maybe I shouldn’t do it then. I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead.”

Later, Boll uploaded another rant to YouTube, this one a bit longer and more aimed at Hollywood stars. Boll criticizes George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr. for being overpaid Hollywood stars. Interestingly, Boll rants about his film, Attack On Darfur, and laments Clooney and Hollywood’s decision not to help him promote his film, which he calls “the only movie about the genocide in Darfur.”

Boll continues to rail against Hollywood actors before making racist comments, calling potential Hollywood film investors “Chinese Alibaba idiots” and “f—king retard Indians.” At one point, he also calls Jennifer Lopez a “f—king demanding Mexican bitch.” (The groundbreaking Latina singer/actress is, in fact, of Puerto Rican descent.)

At the end of the video, Boll even goes so far as to call for full on class warfare, taking a page from his Rampage hero’s book. “It’s so fake and absurd that I really really wish that they would get f—king wiped out. Because that is why I did Rampage, and that is what the guy says, we have to f—king kill the rich.”

Boll’s Kickstarter campaign doesn’t end until Friday, June 12, which begs the question, is this all just a last ditch effort to raise money for Rampage 3? In light of his violent rants, it seems unlikely that any press for his Kickstarter campaign incited by the videos will do Boll any good.

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