The Indonesian Navy continues their efforts to recover debris and bodies from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 as the US Navy destroyer USS Sampson arrives to help.

USS Sampson Arrives In Indonesia

The Indonesian government successfully identified pieces of debris discovered in the Java Sea as part of the flight that went missing on Sunday and is believed to have crashed into the ocean sometime after losing contact with air traffic control. As local authorities continue their search, help has come from countries across the globe, including the US.

USS Sampson arrived in Indonesia on Tuesday after the 7th Fleet announced it would be provide aid for the search and rescue mission on Monday.

“The US Navy is working closely with the government of Indonesia to identify additional surface or airborne capabilities that best assist their search efforts,” said the 7th Fleet in a press release.

Since the announcement, hope has dwindled significantly for the families of the 162 people aboard Flight QZ8501 after a search on Tuesday recovered more debris from the plane, including suitcases and bits of the aircraft, and found bodies near the debris. The bodies have yet to be identified, and the exact number of those recovered is unclear.

Malaysia Airlines Expresses Condolences

The Navy will assist the search and rescue mission being led by officials from Indonesia and Malaysia – Malaysia suffered a similar crisis after two Malaysia Airlines flights were tragically lost this year. Malaysia Airlines expressed their condolences in a special message to those who lost loved ones on Flight QZ8501.

“As an airline that has recently experienced such great sadness, we stand in solidarity to offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this tragedy and with the team at AirAsia,” Malaysia Airlines said in a statement. “This is indeed a sad time for everyone working in aviation and for all guests who fly,” they added.

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