Mars has announced that, starting next year, the rice company currently known as “Uncle Ben’s” will be rebranded as “Ben’s Original.” The change is in an attempt to get rid of imagery that some have deemed racist, as the Uncle Ben name and logo are said to fit within the historical American “Uncle Tom” stereotype.

In tandem with the logo change, the company also plans to start several community outreach programs that are centered around “enhancing educational opportunities” and helping sustain access to fresh food. Mars Inc. has also said they hope to promote racial minorities in U.S. management positions.

The public response has been mixed, to say the least. Some praise the change, agreeing with the company that it’s a move towards progress.

The overwhelming majority of the response, however, has been negative. Some people don’t understand the change, and others think that it’s unnecessary pandering, but many seem to think that removing Uncle Ben from the branding is backwards.

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