Amid swirling rumors of Russian President Vladimir Putin suffering from health problems, including cancer, one Ukrainian General said in an interview that he was not doing well “physically or mentally.”

Ukrainian Major General Vadym Skibitsky gave these statements to The Telegraph and added that there is mounting concern amongst Putin’s inner circles of the Kremlin. Russia has denied these claims of illness, and Skibitsky has theorized that they employ “a lot of doubles” when Putin is making public appearances.

He didn’t offer any evidence to support these speculations, but also said “sometimes it is difficult to detect if it is the real Putin or someone replacing him.”

Skibitsky still didn’t mince words when it came to Putin’s determination to take over Ukraine. “He’s not likely to stop, he has no room to maneuver,” Skibitsky explained. “He understands the resistance from Ukraine will remain very strong, therefore he destroys everything he sees as obstacles to this strategic goal.”

It has been speculated in the past that Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease, while others have floated that he suffers from some form of cancer. There is little concrete information to go on, so online sleuths have combed video footage of the Russian President, analyzing his posture and appearance to find signs of fatigue.

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