In the third to last episode of this season of Twin Peaks, fans of the show were greeted by one of the most anticipated moments since David Lynch‘s zany show returned to air.

After Dougie went into a coma in episode 15, he was transported to a hospital. Inside the hospital, at the beginning of episode 16, Dougie awakens, but this time, as Cooper. Finally back on the case, Cooper says goodbye to his/Dougie’s family, and makes his way towards his evil twin, Mr. C.

The return of Cooper, which was announced when he proclaimed, “I am the F.B.I,” was a moment long awaited by fans of the show. The moment itself, is the first towards the top-billed moment of Cooper’ return to Twin Peaks.

Before leaving the hospital though, Cooper talks with the one-armed man and tells him to make either another seed or another doppelgänger, it isn’t quite clear.

Meanwhile, a shoot-out between the F.B.I., the Mitchums, and the Hutchenses occurs outside of Dougie’s house and leaves the Hutchenses riddled with bullets, both of them dead.

F.B.I. director Gordon Cole, who was supposed to be monitoring the F.B.I. outside of Dougie’s house, is distracted when Diane comes into his room and begins to tell him that she was sexually assaulted by Mr. C a couple of decades ago. After giving a scramble account of the events, she pulls out a gun but is promptly shot by Tammy and Albert. Diane rematerializes inside the Black Lodge where her head splits apart, and another seed is revealed.

Meanwhile, Mr. C sends Richard Horne to hike up to the coordinates that the evil twin has been seeking through out the entire third season of Twin Peaks. Upon arriving alone to the location, Richard is zapped with electricity and blown apart.

In a revealing end to the third to last hour of the season, Audrey Horne reprised her slow dance from the show’s first season inside of the Bang Bang Bar. After a fight breaks out in the bar, Audrey disappears into a blank white room, where she stares at herself in a mirror. Some believe that this appearance in the blank white room suggests that Audrey too has a doppelgänger and that the real Audrey is trapped somewhere else, waiting to get back home.

Twin Peaks returns for its final two hours next Sunday, September 3 at 8 p.m. EST on Showtime.