Twitter users mercilessly took aim at President Donald Trump on Wednesday with memes poking fun at his use of a Sharpie marker to claim Hurricane Dorian will head towards Alabama.

According to Bloomberg, Trump drew the altered map of Dorian’s projected trajectory himself. The president displayed it in the Oval Office with help from acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenaneven though the National Weather Service in Birmingham said Alabama would not be affected by the storm.

Trump doubled down on his comments about Alabama and Hurricane Dorian and slammed the media for mocking him. Twitter users quickly responded to the gaffe by using the hashtag #TrumpSharpie and coming up with jokes of people and things they would imagine the president would intentionally redraw or cross out with a permanent marker so as to improve his image or get what he wants. Among the Sharpie-drawn images users tweeted were photos of the border wall, late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Trump golfing, among others.

Here are some of the top memes:

It appears safe to say many people won’t let Trump live this one down for a long time.

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