Picture a deserted horizon — from edge to edge there spans a great expanse of the starkest white. As you look down, you notice a thick, black acrylic line painted between your feet: one side is labeled “hilarious,” the other “hilariously terrifying.” You think to yourself, “Gee, I really hope that other people can see this line” but as you’re thinking a flashy gold limo with rental license plates buzzes right by you, wind whipping at your cheeks and leaving you breathless as you watch this maniac driver veering wildly between the two sides: Welcome to Donald Trump‘s career.

Back in 1988, developer Leonard Stern hired filmmakers for a commissioned series on successful New York City businessmen with the first subject slated to be Donald Trump. What the filmmakers dug up didn’t paint the most flattering picture of The Donald. The film was eventually nixed.

Back in the early 1990’s before the internet and independent distribution mediums made, it was impossible to get the film distributed, screened or reproduced the film. It is only now that he is running for President that the filmmakers have decided to let the public see their footage.


You can watch the full documentary on their website at TrumpTheMovie.com — it’s been updated and intercut with more modern footage to show how different, or more accurately the how unchanged he is from the Trump of 20 years ago.

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