True Blood continued its sixth season last night with an episode entitled, ‘You’re No Good,’ and, like all good television should, it began with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), simultaneously seducing the governor’s daughter Willa Burrell (Amelia Rose Blaire), and threatening to kill her. Willa convinced Eric that she was worth more to him alive, telling him that she knew all about her father’s evil plans for vampire experimentation (and extermination).

While Eric was sparing a life, Bill (Stephen Moyer) revealed to Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) that, in his vision, he saw her burn in the sun. Bill promises Jessica that he will not let that happen, thus beginning the quest to save vampires from the sun. At sunrise, Bill tests his newfound Lilith powers, and unfortunately finds that he is not able to withstand sunlight, so he must find other ways to survive in the sun.

With the protection of Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and her fairy-godfather Niall (Rutger Hauer), who were standing guard at Sookie’s house, Sookie (Anna Paquin) practiced controlling her fairy powers. Tired of waiting for the mythical Warlow, Niall, Jason, and Sookie discuss their next step.

At the now-closed Fangtasia, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Eric, and Tara (Rutina Wesley) argue over what their course of action should be regarding Willa. In the end, Eric decides to interrogate his hostage and take her with him to hide at Ginger’s (Tara Buck) place, where he keeps a spare coffin. Willa reveals that her father has built a prison camp for vampires that experiments on the supernatural prisoners, though she does not know where the camp is located. While hiding in Eric’s coffin, Willa also reveals to him that her mother had run off to Los Angeles to be with a vampire, and that she had wanted to live there with her mother, but her father had forbidden it.

Looking for leads, Niall went to the fairy club hidden in the field, only to find that a vampire had somehow broken in and murdered all the fairies inside it. While inspecting the bloody scene, Niall had a vision of the massacre from Warlow’s perspective.

Alcide (Joe Manganiello) continued with his mission to keep Emma safe and hidden away at Martha’s when the police appeared and insisted on questioning Martha on the whereabouts of the missing girl. Emma, at Rikki’s behest, shifts into a puppy to avoid capture just in time.

At the fairy club, Niall crosses paths with half-fairy Ben (Rob Kazinsky), and recruits him to be part of his army to fight Warlow. The two head back to Sookie’s, but, before they return, Sookie finds herself cornered by Bill. Bill enters her house uninvited – another new Lillith power – and asks Sookie for a sample of her blood so that he can synthesize it.


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At Ginger’s, Governor Burrell calls Eric to inquire about his daughter. Thinking his phone is secure and untraceable, Eric answers the call and threatens to kill Willa before hearing a voice in the background, confirming that the call had been traced. Luckily, Tara had overheard his threat, and whisked Willa away to safety before Eric could kill her.

Meanwhile, Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and her boyfriend, Jesse, of the Vampire Unity Society go to Sam’s (Sam Trammell) for help after their altercation with Alcide and his werewolf pack. Refusing to listen to warnings from Sam and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), the activist pair seeks out the wolf pack and spark a huge fight. Nicole barely made it out alive. She appears to have powerful people on her side, namely Sam, who collects Emma and tells her that they have to help Nicole.

At the vampire prison camp, anti-vampire preacher-turned-vampire, Steve Newlin (Michael McMillan), is interrogated by his wife, Sarah (Anna Camp). Now a politician, Sarah expresses her desire to cleanse the world of the vampire race. Threatened with torture, Steve caves and says that he will tell them everything he knows about Eric.

Andy (Chris Bauer) is struggling with fatherhood, as his fairy children, now coming up on their teens, grow increasingly powerful and playful. As sheriff, he also receives new anti-vamp gear, and teaches Holly (Lauren Bowles) how to shoot. At the end of the episode, Andy stops Bill for violating the new vampire curfew, and the two chat about Andy’s four fairy daughters. Perhaps Bill has found other options in his quest for fairy blood…

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