Trainspotting 2 actor Bradley Welsh was shot dead in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was 42-years-old.

Edinburgh police were called onto the scene following a disturbance, and discovered Welsh’s body, which was severely injured. Welsh passed away later on the scene.

“His death is being treated as suspicious and inquiries are continuing,” reported the police.

Welsh was born in the Moredun district of Edinburgh and didn’t have an easy life.

He was sent to prison as a youth due to extortion and firearms.

When Welsh got out of prison, he turned his life around becoming a pro-boxer and even started his own gym.

Welsh participated in the Pads for Charity, and raised $55,000 for his 24-hour stint in the ring, which earned him a Guinness World Record.

It was during this boxing charity where Welsh met Danny Boyle, director of Trainspotting and Irvine Welsh, the author of the original novel. Welsh’s amazing feat in the ring earned him a role in the sequel, and started his career as an actor.

After the news of Welsh’s death, Irvine tweeted out his condolences to his departed friend.

“Bradley John Welsh, my heart is broken,” he tweeted. “Goodbye my amazing and beautiful friend. Thanks for making me a better person and helping me to see the world in a kinder and wiser way.”

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