Based on the 1982 movie starring Dustin Hoffman, the new musical Tootsie, which opened last week on Broadway at the Marquis Theater, reinterprets the classic tale for the #MeToo era. Michael Dorsey (Santino Fontana), a New York actor who manages to alienate every director he works with, can’t keep a role, so he decides to audition for Juliet’s Curse, a play billed as the sequel to Romeo and Juliet – as middle-aged southern lady, Dorothy Michaels. Dorothy’s sass lands her the part – as she wins over Juliet (Lilli Cooper) and hunky co-star Max (John Behlmann), who compete for her affections while doing battle with the obnoxious director Ron (Reg Carlilse). Of course, Dorothy is racked with guilt about her deception and decides to come clean with her new colleagues in dramatic fashion.


Tootsie is best in the ways it differs from the original with smart updates to the dated source material with book by Robert Horn and catchy songs by David Yazek. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, this Tootsie is the perfect knowing reboot.

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