With only three months to go, the Tokyo Summer Olympics may once again be canceled  this summer.

After the Summer Games were postponed from last year for the first time in Olympics history due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans were hopeful that they’ll be able to watch the event this year but that future is still uncertain. With a possible fourth wave of the virus in Japan, the country’s Liberal Democratic Party leader, Toshihiro Nikai said that a cancelation of the Games is still an option.

“I don’t know what the Olympics would be for,” he said. “We would have to give it up decisively if we reach the point we can no longer hold the games [safely].”

“I believe that it is the fourth wave of infections, with the waves getting higher and higher,” Japan’s Medical Association Chairman Toshio Nakagawa said. He believes that the Japanese government should take action to further prevent the spread of new infections. “Declaring a state of emergency early may be needed as a pre-emptive move to slow the spread, depending on the extent of the prevalence. If a state of emergency must be issued, it will be more effective to announce it sooner than later.”

As of right now, Japan is continuing their preparations for the Summer Games, set to begin on July 23. The Olympic torch has already started its run around Japan.

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