While building complicated, thousand-brick LEGO replicas of famous buildings, movie props and vehicles can snowball into a full-time obsession for some LEGO enthusiasts, author Mattia Zamboni makes replica building accessible for builders of all levels with his new guidebook Tiny Lego Wonders. Comprised of instructions for 40 small-scale models, from a Swiss locomotive to a muscle car, his step-by-step instructions are practical, fun and simple, with some creations needing as little as ten bricks! Perfect for moments of quick, low-stress fun and creativity, Zamboni’s instructions teach readers how to maximize their LEGO collection to its full potential. With all the models requiring less than a few hundred bricks, you won’t run out of building materials.


Intercity Express, a LEGO miniscale model

The Intercity Express, one of the forty, realistic but miniscale models in Zamboni’s new book.

Crowned the “New Lego Bible” by VICE, the book has been praised by No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock. “Miniscale building has fascinated me since I watched a friend build an airport from a cupful of LEGO bricks,” he confessed. “Tiny LEGO Wonders finally makes miniscale building make sense.” Zamboni’s book has also been featured in The Creator’s Project, a daily arts and technology newsletter spearheaded by Intel. Zamboni, a robotics researcher at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland with a zeal for 3D computer graphics, stressed to The Creator’s Project that, “A LEGO master must have creativity, ingenuity and a wide range of building skills. And thinking outside of the box is the cherry on top.”
With his instructions, you’ll be on your way to becoming a LEGO master.

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