Superstar singer Tina Turner and her husband Erwin Bach have bought a massive property in Switzerland’s Lake Zurich for 70 million Swiss francs, or $76 million. The estate reportedly features 10 buildings, a pond, stream, swimming pool and a boat dock on the lake.

The location has a special significance to the couple. Turner and the German music executive got married at Lake Zurich back in 2013.

This may surprise some of her fans, but the “Proud Mary” singer left her home country long ago, obtaining full Swiss citizenship in April 2013, and officially relinquished her American citizenship as well. She had been living primarily near Zurich with Bach.

Bach told the German-language Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung that the two of them “feel very comfortable in Switzerland,” and sensibly added that “due to the pandemic and its consequences we – like many other Swiss – unfortunately, are refraining from travel.”

Turner recently returned to Broadway for the premiere of the Tina Turner musical.

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