TikTok‘s influence on Gen Z is undeniable, with viral trends on the lip-syncing entertainment app creating new influencer idols and the real-life translations of virality. Now, schools across the country are dealing with the TikTok trend, the “Devious Lick.”

The TikTok challenge encourages students to steal, vandalize and damage school property. It’s mostly concentrated in school bathrooms where viral videos of missing soap dispensers, paper towel rolls and even toilets have gained unfathomable numbers of likes on the app. At Shakopee West Middle School in Minnesota, school bathrooms are being locked for the duration of the school year.

“We have tried several measures to prevent the vandalism and theft, but have been unable to get it to stop,” Principal Lori Link wrote. “In fact, it is escalating.”

Other schools have added security cameras and personnel in an attempt to prevent students from committing petty theft. Even TikTok is cracking down on the hashtag #DeviousLick and removing any videos from its platform.

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