A group of teenage TikTok users found the remains of two people on a Seattle beach on June 19. The remains have now been identified as the bodies of a couple: 35-year-old Jessica Lewis and 27-year-old Austin Wenner.

Authorities have noted that the cause of Wenner’s death was a gunshot wound on his torso and the cause of Lewis’s death was “multiple gunshot wounds.” Police suspect it was a homicide that occurred ten days before the discovery.

The mysterious finding drew national attention last month because of the TikTok users’ video showing their discovery of several bags on the beach, which were later found to be containing the dead bodies of Lewis and Wenner. The teenager who posted the video said the app Randonautica brought him and his friends to the “part of the beach” where the suitcases holding the bodies had been washed ashore.

The teenager shared, “We were joking that maybe the suitcase would have money… as soon as she opened it the smell was overwhelming.”

The group quickly called the police after opening the bags and the Seattle Police Department promptly opened a homicide investigation.

Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson said in a statement that the video is believed to not have been staged. “We’ve interviewed them and we’re actually glad that the video is out because it helps corroborate some of the information. I can tell you that it’s accurate,” he told Oxygen.

Jamieson also added that there were no missing person reports filed before the bodies were discovered.

The co-founder of Randonautica told Inside Edition that this “was an unfortunate coincidence.” While the app’s website stated that its function is to “generate truly random locations” with the user having an “intention” in mind that guides their journey, other users of the app have reported eerie experiences as well.