“Speculative” Bruce Springsteen concert tickets have allegedly appeared on three different websites ahead of their official release date leading to an investigation by the New York Attorney General.

Websites Ordered To Remove “Speculative” Bruce Springsteen Tickets

“Speculative” tickets are so-called because they are sold under a false pretense. At the point of sale the seller does not in fact own the tickets themselves, rather they are selling tickets they intend to buy at a later date at a speculated price. The ticket the customer eventually receives may not be what was promised and there is a danger they may not get one at all.

The tickets were allegedly listed for sale on eBay-owned StubHub Inc., Connecticut-based TicketNetwork Inc. and Illinois-based Vivid Seats Ltd. for up to $5,000 a seat, though they are not due to be released officially until Dec.11.

The sites have been ordered to immediately remove the tickets and are being made to outline what measures they undertake to combat the selling of “speculative” tickets.

“Speculative tickets harm both consumers and the ticket industry,” wrote Assistant Attorney General for the Internet Bureau Jordan Adler, in letters outlining the legal action obtained by Reuters.

Springsteen’s 2016 tour, The River Tour, was announced on Dec. 4 and is due to kick off Jan. 16 at Pittsburgh, Penn.

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