A collection of 1,824 drones lit up the sky during the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony in a sparkling spectacle and technological feat.

After the Parade of Nations marched through and tennis star Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic flame, athletes, spectators and broadcasters turned their eyes toward the night sky. Near the end of the ceremony, a collection of drones formed the symbol of the Tokyo Olympics, a shining cluster of white lights.

Then they started to move, forming the shape of a sphere, while blue lights joined the white. The drones shifted for a few moments, before the image of earth, revolving above the Opening Ceremony arena, could be clearly recognized.

The globe continued to spin as a rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” played. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie narrated over the display’s broadcast, calling the spectacle, “A sight never before seen, a feat of technology and beauty. A celestial body hovering over Tokyo. In a moment and a vision for the world.”

While there weren’t any fans in attendance this year due to the uptick in Tokyo’s COVID-19 cases, the athletes and press, joined by viewers around the world, witnessed the incredible sight.

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