Thomas Markle has said that he might sue daughter Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in order to see his grandkids, but that he would rather not.

The estranged father said that his daughter was “childish” to cut him out of her life.

Markle said that he has been advised that he could sue the couple and probably win, but that he doesn’t want to take drastic measures.

“I don’t want to include my grandchildren in this situation, I want to see my grandchildren with friendly parents and friendship all around,” he said.

Thomas has been publically critical of his daughter in the past and blames Prince Harry for their troubled relationship. He also accused Harry of abandoning the British people.

“I think Harry has abandoned the Queen, his grandmother, the royal family, the British people and the Army,” he said.

Meghan has distanced herself from her dad’s side of the family, who have publically criticized her in the media in the past. Her sister had previously stated that Meghan is not fit to be a royal, and her brother called her a “phony,” a bully and a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman.”

Her father stated that his relationship with Meghan’s half-siblings was the reason she stopped talking to him and that he wouldn’t cut them out of his life.

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