Nathan John “Nate” Feuerstein known by his stage name NF returns with a unique blend of hip-hop, pop and Christian rock music on his sophomore studio album titled Therapy Session. It is a moving and cohesive record that may not strike with the utmost creative ingenuity but is overall a great listen.

‘Therapy Session’ by NF – Album Review

The title track “Therapy Session” starts off with slow minimal beats, as NF spits features a gospel and operatic elements on the hook. The pervasive dark mood on this song reflects the themes that carry on in the rest of the album. NF raps about the negative side of fame, the absudities in life, and in the end proclaims music as therapy both for himself and his fans.

The album’s first single “I Just Wanna Know” features intricate vocals layered in the background of NF’s relentlessly honest rap. The track builds up to a somewhat exhausting repetition of the hook, which itself is not the most original writing on the album: “I just wanna know oh, oh, oh, oh / When did you get so cold oh, oh, oh / What happened to your soul oh, oh,oh / Don’t you see me?”

NF clearly entertains the theme of lost love, feeling betrayed by someone closest to you, as he moves into “How Could You Leave Us.” With the added complication of addiction and loss, the hopelessness in this track is the dominant mode. Starting on a more downtempo beat, this track is vaguely reminiscent of some of Eminem’s best. The raw and angry storytelling is contrasted by the plaintive chorus, which resolves into a sobbing outro. This is without a doubt the most personal and emotionally charged track on the album, evoking the difficult events of the rapper’s past.

Running for just under an hour, Therapy Session feels a little lengthy overall. Even though the album develops its themes in a variety of ways, it tends to feel somewhat stale and repetitive. The two collaborations – club-worthy “Grindin'” (featuring Marty) and closer “Lost In the Moment” (featuring Jonathan Thulin) are the most explosive and refreshing tracks. Ultimately, Therapy Session is valuble because of its genuine underlying emotion and its narrative of resilience and enduring faith in the face of tragedy.