The themes may be familiar: the death of a family patriarch leads to an uncomfortable family reunion – but Chicken & Biscuits, a new play by Douglas Lyons, brings fresh laughs – and some welcome diversity to Broadway. Baneatta (Cleo King) is the pious matriarch of the family overseeing her father’s funeral as her husband takes the reigns as the new pastor of the church. Her uncouth hairdresser sister Beverly (Ebony Marshall-Oliver) brings her loud daughter La’Trice (Aigner Mizzelle) creating conflict with Baneatta. Gay brother Kenny (Devere Rogers) is accompanied by his white boyfriend (Michael Urie), who refuses to play straight for the family. But wait there’s more – an illegitimate sister resurfaces in time for the service to bring the drama to a head.

The cast brings the real heart to Chicken & Biscuits. Stand-out performances by King and Marshall-Oliver bring many belly laughs. Audiences will feel well-nourished by this Broadway feast.

Chicken & Biscuits is playing on Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre through Nov. 28. Get tickets here!

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