The X Factor wrapped up its Season 3 auditions and narrowed down the top ten in each category, naming the Top 40 artists to make it past the first round of cuts.

Before the final top 40 were announced, judges Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio and Demi Lovato saw the final group of aspiring singers audition.

One hopeful made a colorful splash on the X Factor stage: Keith Beukelaer, who Simon called ‘the worst singer in the world’ when he auditioned for American Idol a decade ago. Dressed head to toe in tie-dye, Beukelaer did his best “Baby Got Back” and got Kelly dancing in her seat and Demi singing along.

Mother of eight Victoria Carriger made a big impression on the judges, singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You.”

In the second hour, it was revealed that Victoria made it into the Top 10 Over 25’s, along with Lillie McCloud, Jeff Brinkman, Rachel Potter, Kristine Mirelle, James Kenny, Allison Davis, Denny Smith, Lorie Moore and Jeff Gutt. They will be mentored by Kelly going forward.

Paulina was assigned the boys and will be in charge of Carlito Olivero, Chase Goehring, Timmy Thames, Tim Olstad, Isaiah Alston, Al Calderon, Josh Levi, Isaac Tauaefa, Carlos Guevara and Stone Martin.

Demi will be in charge of girls Khaya Cohen, Bree Randall, Jamie Pineda, Simone Torres, Rion Paige, Danie Geimer, Rylie Brown, Primrose Martin, Ellona Santiago and Ashly Williams.

Finally, Simon was assigned the groups, three of which are trios being manufactured by the judges. The first group created for the show is a young trio of boys who will most likely be marketed as a new One Direction, the second, a trio of young girls, and the third is a male country group.

The three newly formed groups join Glamour, Good News, Yellow House Canyon, Alex & Sierra, Roxxy Montana, Wild Thingz and Girls United.

Next week, The X Factor will narrow down each category with a new ‘Four-Chair Challenge,’ eventually ending up with a Top 20 to compete and perform live. The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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