The Walking Dead episode “The Same Boat” followed Carol (Melissa McBride) and Maggie’s (Laura Cohan) captivity after being overtaken outside the walls by some of the Saviors.

The Walking Dead Recap

The leader of the group of Saviors who’ve found Carol and Maggie, Paula (Alicia Witt), sees that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has her comrade Primo on the other side of the fence. She demands, via walkie-talkie, for them to drop their weapons, and reveals that they have Maggie and Carol. Rick wants to trade Primo for Carol and Maggie, and Donny tries to explain to Paula that they need him and should do it. Paula disagrees.

In a moment of distraction, Maggie and Carol have sacks tossed over their heads. They’re led to a car, where their wrists are taped together before they’re brought to a safe house in an unknown location. Once they arrive at the safe house, Maggie and Carol are brought to a room, and their legs are tied. A previous prisoner, who had turned into a zombie, is dragged out. While Maggie starts trying to tear through the tape on her wrists, Carol grabs a rosary and then starts hyperventilating.

The safe house soon proves not to be as safe as they had thought. Walkers are all over, forcing the Saviors to join their prisoners. With Carol’s hyperventilating getting worse, Maggie urges the Saviors to remove her gag. Maggie is just as confused as the Saviors about Carol’s apparent distress. When pressed about it, Carol embraces the notion that she is weak and one of the few remaining survivors still clinging to her faith. She then reveals that Maggie is pregnant, and pleads with the Saviors to spare her and her unborn child.

While Paula seems determined to keep Carol and Maggie alive, Donny is growing increasingly distressed about his arm, which Carol had shot. It’s in a tourniquet, but as Maggie points out, he’s about to either lose an arm or his life. Donny wants to kill Carol, or at least give her a similar wound. A scuffle ensues that ends with Paula knocking Donny unconscious with the butt of her gun.

Afterwards, Paula has one of the Saviors take Maggie away for questioning. She urges Maggie to help herself and her baby by answering a few questions. Maggie soon learns that the woman had lost a finger trying to steal gas to find her boyfriend. She also learns that she too had been pregnant. Neither survivor falls into the other’s trap, with Maggie remaining tight-lipped about the location of Alexandria.

Alone with Carol, Molls, the Savior whose smoking is about to kill her, reveals to Carol that they’re all Negan. Later on, Paula gives Carol her backstory.  She says that she had been a secretary before the walker epidemic. When it went down, she killed her boss in cold blood because he was weak and she needed to live. Carol points out that Paula’s afraid of dying too, and that that’s what will happen if she doesn’t start talking to Rick. Paula proving Carol right, does end up calling Rick and saying she wants to go through with the trade – though she’s wary about whether or not Rick will keep his word.

While Paula and the others leave to go take positions and wait for Rick and the others to arrive, Carol uses the cross on the Rosary to cut through the tape binding her hands. She goes and gets Maggie out as well. Carol just wants to leave, but Maggie insists that they’ll have to kill the others first. First, they’ll need a gun.

When they find Donny already dead and turning, they tie him to a pole and let Molls find him. Maggie finishes her off by bludgeoning her with the butt of her own gun. Paula returns to the cell to find Donny and Molls dead. Eventually, she encounters Maggie and Carol, who has a gun trained on her. Carol doesn’t want to kill Paula and urges her to run, but she won’t. When walkers start to attack, she gets her in the arm. Carol can’t finish the job, however, because the other remaining Savior has sliced Maggie’s stomach. Without a moment of delay, Carol shoots her in the head.

With her attention back on Paula, Carol once again waits a moment too long. Paula knocks the gun from her hands, and the two women duke it out with their hands – until Carol manages to impale Paula, who becomes a meal for the horde of zombies. Carol then hears Saviors on Paula’s walkie-talkie, and instructs them, in her best Paula imitation, of where to meet her. With a locked room, some gasoline and a lit cigarette, Carol and Maggie burn the two men alive.

Eventually, Maggie and Carol make their way out and meet Glenn (Steven Yeun), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Upon learning that the others are dead, Rick tells Primo he can either work with them or meet the same fate. It’s then that Primo says he’s Negan, so Rick shoots him. “I just. I can’t anymore,” Maggie tells Glenn. Carol, breaking as well, draws her own blood, squeezing the rosary beads so far as to cut herself.

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