AMC decided to tease Walking Dead fans with a 30-second trailer that is promising a ton more gore and gun-wielding madness.



Who is this terror called Negan? Why is Glenn slinging a gun through the halls of their safe zone, Alexandria? Why does it appear Maggie is tied up and screaming? According to the comic books, Negan is apparently the next Governor which begs the question as to when Rick and his family will ever find some sense of peace. Will the Walking Dead writers ever allow the heroes to find peace and not worry about outside human forces?

The clip starts where the last episode left off with Rick trying to lead a small group out of Alexandria, which is now infested with walkers. The group is shown to be covered in walker guts, but the short clip suggests they don’t make it out easily. Switching over to the second half of the clip, Glenn appears to be running through the walls of Alexandria to save Maggie and his unborn baby. Maggie’s screaming can suggest two things: either Glenn is hurt or the hurt is coming for her.

AMC is currently running a marathon of the show and the the newest season will premiere on Feb. 14.


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