The Vampire Diaries tackled Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) inability to remember his history head on Thursday night's episode, as he tries to relearn what happened in his life by perusing his journals and getting a trip down memory lane by Elena (Nina Dobrev).

Stefan can’t believe that, of all things, he doesn’t remember Elena. He tries in vain to remember their first meeting at the high school while chatting in the cemetery and proceeds to flirt with the girl who ultimately chose his brother. “How do I not remember you?” he asks. “You’re smart. You’re pretty. You’re funny.” After Elena recalls how she first learned about him being a vampire, Stefan goes in for a kiss. It looks like Elena might let it happen, when she stops and tells him she’s with Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Taking his leave of Elena, bloodthirsty Stefan goes in search of some nourishment. On the hunt, he runs into Caroline (Candice Accola) – and Jesse. After trying her best to thwart Jesse’s advances, Caroline, with Tyler (Michael Trevino) still not making an appearance, has given in to their mutual attraction. She breaks away from kissing Jesse when she spots Stefan and encourages him to run. Unfortunately, Jesse’s not faster than the speedy vampire and ends up bitten. Dr. Wes finishes Stefan’s job with an injection that fully turns Jesse into a vampire.

After his meal, Damon is still stewing about how Elena and Damon are together. His rage leads him to burning all of the journals that document the many eras of his life. Caroline has become Stefan’s surrogate protector, and takes on the task of checking in on him every few hours to make sure he’s keeping his hungers under control.

At long last, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) tells both Damon and Matt (Zach Roerig) that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is dead, despite her wishes. Damon gives Jeremy a comforting hug and then takes it upon himself to share the news with Elena. Elena decides that the best way to grieve is to throw a funeral for everyone to gather and remember Bonnie in life. Caroline opens up to Stefan about how hard it is for her to be without both Bonnie and Tyler. Just then, of course, Tyler shows up.

– Chelsea Regan

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