The fourth season of The Real Housewives of New York City has come to a close the only way it knows how – with plenty of drama. The ongoing feud between four-year Housewives veterans Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer seems, even after the two-part reunion special, that it may never end.

The second part of the reunion finale aired Monday night and featured, among tears and insults, plenty of sparring between Zarin and Singer, who has become a notorious Pinot Grigio drinker. When the topic of alcohol came up, Zarin told Singer that her constant wine-sipping was setting a bad example. "Jill, I really respect you. I think you're a fabulous woman," responded Singer. "I know at times you had problems. You went to AA. You had an alcoholic problem. Just because you did doesn't mean I do."

Zarin denied having been an alcoholic, but still thought Ramona's attempt at "outing" her was below the belt. "Whether it is true or not is irrelevant," Zarin told People at Saturday's Bridgehampton Polo match. "She should really retract that and try to figure out how to go back out there and say, 'I'm sorry.' "

During the reunion, Zarin was not the only other housewife who had beef with Singer. Lu Ann de Lesseps, often referred to as "The Countess," argued with Singer about involving husbands and children in their drama after a reel played showing clips of Singer insulting members of de Lesseps' family. "I was so shocked at how low you would go," de Lesseps said to Singer. "We made a promise to each other doing this show that we would never go after the children, the families … How could you say those things about me?" Singer chose not to accept any blame. "LuAnn is very condescending," Singer said. "She always tries to make like her life is perfect."

On the question of who will return next season, it might be that some cast members are ready to throw in the towel. "The damage is done," Zarin said. "I don't know if I can film with these girls."


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    This cast is getting so boring…they need to bring in new ladies.

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